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Our courses are easy to monitor and teach. !

As a volunteer: you will have the autonomy & time to get to know the staff and clients. We welcome you and you'll understand our teaching methods in no time!

Our clients are based throughout different regions and countries. It is most important to understand your desire to be present and our studnets desire to learn.

  • Learning Management System
  • Suitable for All Our Courses
  • Similar to Other University Websites
  • Build an Awesome Student Community
  • Simple & Clean Contacts
  • Modern Teacher Dashboard
  • Beautiful Staff Page
  • Beginner Friendly Documentation

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There is no one who loves sacrafice itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is sacrafice...
Understanding the sacrafice/reward of remote education.

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Ross Davidson


CIDEdu is a powerful education platform. Thanks for your awesome video tutorials!

team member img

Amanda Luksenburg


Finally I got amazing understaning of proposal writing; and didn't mind the volunteer opportunity. Thanks so much Dr. Levitch!

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Mara Zaha

CEO Recruiter

Thanks for the experience.

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Jack Sunders


Really great continuing education for Human Resources. The staff dashboard was easy and efficient.