• Contact Center Training

Customers want a well-educated agent when they contact a business. They want to know that the person answering their questions knows what they are talking about. Training your staff, and giving them the information that is needed to effectively assist your customer base is paramount.

With our Contact Center Training workshop your participants will gain the knowledge to provide a great customer experience. They will develop skills on how to deal with difficult customers, build rapport, and great listening skills. All of these skills combined will provide an increase in overall customer satisfaction throughout your organization.

Module One: Getting Started
  • Icebreaker
  • Housekeeping Items
  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives
Module Two: It Starts at the Top
  • Create an Open Culture
  • Understand Goals
  • Understand Agents’ Responsibilities
  • Identify Education Opportunities
  • Case Study
  • Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: Peer Training
  • Top Performing Employees
  • Discuss Role with Company
  • Critique Previously Recorded Calls
  • Cross Training
  • Case Study
  • Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: How to Build Rapport
  • Smile in Your Voice
  • Engage in Small Talk
  • Listen, Acknowledge, and Empathize
  • Be Yourself
  • Case Study
  • Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: Learn to Listen
  • Allow Customer to Talk
  • Avoid Judgment
  • Take Notes
  • Recap the Call
  • Case Study
  • Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Manners Matter - Etiquette & Customer Service (I)
  • Scripting
  • Dead Air
  • Tone & Inflection
  • Saying it the Right Way
  • Case Study
  • Module Six: Review Questions
                                              Module Seven: Manners Matter - Etiquette & Customer Service (II)
                                              • “Reading” Your Customers
                                              • Properly Transferring Calls
                                              • Going the Extra Mile
                                              • Limit Information
                                              • Case Study
                                              • Module Seven: Review Questions
                                              Module Eight: Handling Difficult Customers
                                              • Keep Calm
                                              • Listen, Repeat, and
                                              • Avoid Placing Blame
                                              • Solve the Problem
                                              • Case Study
                                              • Module Eight: Review Questions
                                              Module Nine: Getting the Necessary Information
                                              • Have a Checklist
                                              • Linear Thinking
                                              • Open-Ended Questions
                                              • Close-Ended Questions
                                              • Case Study
                                              • Module Nine: Review Questions
                                              Module Ten: Performance Evaluations
                                              • Consistent Service
                                              • Abandoned Calls
                                              • Speed of the Answer
                                              • Length of Call
                                              • Case Study
                                              • Module Ten: Review Questions
                                              Module Eleven: Training Doesn’t Stop
                                              • Evaluate Progress
                                              • Get Feedback on Training
                                              • Kudos to Deserving Employees
                                              • Have Monthly Meetings
                                              • Case Study
                                              • Module Eleven: Review Questions
                                              Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
                                              • Words from the Wise
                                              • Review of Parking Lot
                                              • Lessons Learned
                                              • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

                                              Contact Center Training

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